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The elegant Vanguard safe combines concise design with security. Thanks to its clear modern look and top-notch manufacture, it perfectly matches any design-oriented private room. The bespoke interior offers generous space for documents and personal valuables.

  1. Concealed digital code
    The digital codes are concealed by applying.
  2. U hinges
    U hinges in the right side standard.
  3. Solid pin
    Large pin locks provide additional protection against break-in, and aesthestic reasons, are always siver-plated.
  4. Laser technology
    We keep the precise details of its manufacture to ourselves for the use of laser technology. So far it is very difficult to open our safes forcibly.
  5. Elegant interior
    The interior is what made the Captain safe something personal and special. We create drawers out of stainless steel in a whole range of size.
  6. Assembled battery system