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The Infinity is a handcrafted high-security safe, as unique as its owner. It represents solid, immovable security. Its concealed keypad and handle mean that burglars don’t stand a chance.

  1. Independent mechanism
    The handle works separately from the mechanism system when the safe locked, which permanently bolts the safe if an attempt is made to open it by force.
  2. Automatic handle
    The handle which is electronically controlled comes out by applying the right code, and it goes inside as the door locked.
  3. Smart electronic system
    The unique operating drawer with a concealed keypad is opened by applying slight pressure to the square of the logo.
  4. Solid pin
    Large pin locks provide additional protection against break-in, and for aesthestic reasons, are always gold-plated.
  5. Laser technology
    We keep the precise details of its manufacture to ourselves for the use of laser technology. So far it is very difficult to open our safes forcibly.
  6. Multi-wall construction
    The Captain safe has a multi-wall safe construction, which is especially safe because tenon and mortise structure is used.
  7. Ultral-hard plating
    The plating is made of an ultral-hard special high-tech blend of steel.
  8. Four sides locking
    The bolt mechanism locks the safe on all four sides.
  9. Elegant interior
    The interior is what makes the Captain safe something personal and special. We create drawers out of stainless steel in a whole range of size.